Martha Turner

Reverand Martha Turner

Head Minister of Heart of the Dove Ministries

Rev.Martha Turner (Oneesha) Founder and Director of the Heart of the Dove, offers trance channeling with the Ascended Master Hilarion and many others. 

She teaches classes in the “I AM” Presence and the “Elohim”. Martha is a natural medium/psychic and healer. 

She has created three healing modalities through the direction of the Ascended Masters.Spontaneous Cellular Release Practitioner Program, In-Line Balancing, Matrix Pattern Restructuring Healing System. 

Martha is a minister and offers Spiritual Life Coaching sessions. She is the founder of the Ministry Of Thee Angelic Light, School for Ascension of Body, Mind and Spirit. 

She is certified in Hypnotherapy, Feng Shui, Mari El, and Aromatherapy.

Gerald Martin

Gerald is a Professional Health Intuitive he has many years of experience as an intuitive, medium, and spiritual life coach.  His ability to look beyond the physical into the etheric has assisted many individuals  in making better decisions and choices in their lives to improve their well-being creating  a more balanced and healthy life style.

His approach is clear and direct.  He has the abilities to give spiritual guidance which enriches one’s life and a sense of hope and resolve.

As a minister he is dedicated to God and teachings of spiritual awareness.  He offers one solid foundation and clarity to build and create a stronger connection and communications within themselves and with God.

Gerald is an experienced reader and remote viewer.  He has the ability to assist individuals with specific guidance and understanding with their personal and business situations with their personal and business situations.

As a medium he awoke with the abilities to see beyond this world into the unseen worlds and talk to those who have passed on and assist in their transition to the Light.

Rev. Gerald Martin is the CEO of the Ministry Of Thee Angelic Light

as well as one of the instructors of the classes and workshops offered at the Heart of the Dove.

To set up a personal appointment with Gerald, please call either:

915-355-2208 or 575-644-2321 or e-mail majkdragn

Heart of the Dove Ministry

New Beginnings

Welcome to the Heart of the Dove website. We invite you to take a journey with us opening the doors to our many different offerings and talented individuals who create the Heart of the Dove.


We are dedicated to the “I AM Presence” and the teachings of the Ascended Masters, the Council of Light and the Elohim.


Our channel and vessel for Master Hilarion and the Council of Light, Martha Turner,

offers group and private sessions with the Masters and personal growth and spiritual development.


We offer many different classes and workshops by teachers and healers ranging from introductory talks to longer commitments and practitioner training.


We offer five distinct pathways of learning: Spiritual, Metaphysical, Healing, Personal Transformation and Ancient Wisdom. Each pathway has classes at different levels to accommodate the needs of the student.


We welcome new students and teachers throughout the year and welcome you to
join us for our many different activities and group functions.


We are a non-profit, tax exempt organization and post secondary school. Martha Turner is the founder, minister and spiritual leader.


Rev. Turner is a renowned channel and psychic with a following throughout the country. She is avisionary with 33 years experience. She opens her heart and shares her love, light and wisdom with all those whom she meets.