Coffee with God

Every day I find myself talking and writing to God at some point of the day. It creates a moment in time where I feel safe and know that there is so much more to our souls that we have yet to discover.

Often times I wonder how individuals exist without faith and a knowing that God does exist, not in the form that we could ever understand, but, yet exist for all that has been created and formed has come from a mind of manifestation that is beyond our comprehension.

When I share these moments with God, my life makes sense and my desire to do more, be better, to share and create as well as open my heart and true self to others with the hope that I am able to for a moment of time bring comfort, security, laughter and peace. Being human, it does always go that way once I leave the house and find myself in situations that test my nerves and my patience.

What I know for me is that there is a purpose in all things, every experience, everyone we interact with, including the test of everyday life, and so many times feel, since and know the spirit and gratitude of the blessings that follow.

I know it is difficult for some because we have traditions, set belief systems and those who have set the rules and guidelines for life and label our belief systems and what we can and can not do according to their understandings and interpretations of the God and life. I am here to share that I gave my life to Jesus in 1989 and from that moment, that very private and moving moment my life changed for the better. It was as if I took a breathe of becoming a new person with clarity and purpose.

Since that moment in time when I gave my life to Jesus and spoke the words that I would die for him, meaning I would surrender my ego and follow His direction and serve to the best of my abilities, my life has been a pathway of opening my heart to God in ways I don't think I would have ever done without that moment.

Faith in the unseen, acceptance, forgiveness, awareness, questions, answers, searching and receiving, Letting Go and Letting God is not just words, they create a mantra for action.

So when people say to me that are Christians and what I do and the gifts I have are not in alignment with God, I know for a fact, that God is my creator and blessed me with those gifts, talents and abilities and I am a woman of faith and a Christian in the knowing that I do nothing without Christ in my life, the Son of God who is the Great "I AM" Presence, in all of creation, no exceptions. God is and always will be.

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