Coffee with God

While talking with God, one of my thoughts was about the blessings in life that bring us the opportunities to serve God. We don't always think in those terms because we just do what needs to be done or choose to help because we care about the individual. Serving God is about doing good deeds with the right attitude and right use of will. When I was young my dad would take groceries to those in our town who were unable to go themselves. It was part of the job I am sure, however, it was the way my dad did it. He was happy, friendly and thankful. He was able to help and I could feel that it was his way of being a good neighbor, a good man. My mother, she was just like my dad would help whenever she could and they never talked about other people in a negative way. They taught me by their actions and their values how to give without expecting anything in return.

I learned that when there is something we can do, do it and know we are blessed because we can do it.

The gifts that God blessed me with in this life time I chose to use them to assist and help others, understanding that God entrusted me with the souls of those who come to me. What do I mean? To tell the truth, do my best, of my abilities, to find away to communicate with understanding and patience. One statement I have always given is to remind others to use their own discernment with me and with others. Discernment is not always taught by others who are teaching, but I believe most people have that intention in their teaching on subjects of the heart and the soul especially. We are all so different and yet we are very much the same.

Having a pathway where I have the opportunity to serve others for their highest and best brings those moments for me to learn as well.

I have learned in my life, to take that time to renew and rejuvenate myself. You know we can not serve others if we are not taking care of ourselves, it took me years to fully recognize the importance of that. I also realized, God does not go anywhere, when I am ready and feel renewed, the people are there, they are also ready to see me, this is how I know God hears me and knows exactly when it is time for me to start again.

Life does not always have to be a struggle, even when times are difficult. It is recognizing what is truly required, letting the rest go. That is not sacrifice that is surrending to allow more energy and space within us to be where we choose to be and do what is for our ver best.

God has blessed us with the Virtues of Life and when we increase our life pathway with the use of the virtues, life does become easier and we feel that fulfillment which brings great joy and gratitude every day.

Life does not always have to be a struggle, even when times are difficult. It is recognizing what is truly required, letting the rest go.

Having coffee with God, is has allowed me to become closer to God and to have a personal relationship with God.

God is there 100% of the time and so it does not matter what day, what time, where, or when, what matters is that there is a conversations and your personal relationship with God.

Love and Light,


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