I believe we all have miracles in our lives which create a change of consciousness and focus in our lives.

We are all children of the Divine Creator who created each of us and knows the pathway of our souls. It is up to us with our free will to pay attention and recognize them or to believe we are not worthy of love and miracles and sometimes we don't know what to do about the miracles that appear. What changed my pathway was a miracle, at least I believed it was a miracle. I had an altered state experience where I went into the Light.

No, not a near death experience but while resting I found myself floating in a white light that we do not see here in our world. The feelings were of unconditional compassion and love, freedom and joy. I was not attached to any other thoughts and opinions of what was going on, I just was. I was just there with joy in my heart and soul. I did not have a body, it was just my conscious self. I remember I thought "I could stay here forever", when this angelic being showed up in my thoughts, neither male or female. I remember just thinking how beautiful when all of a sudden I heard "you can not stay here, you must return." And just like that, I woke up and just sat there for a few minutes when I remembered another word, 'ministry', my first response was oh no!

I can't tell you why I thought that, perhaps a knowing inside of me, knew that was a very important and powerful word I remembered.

The woman who had done a healing on me while this took place, offered her guidance saying that ministry does not mean having to create a ministry or find one, it could be administering "inspiration, hope, healing, guidance, as ministering the truth". I told her I would go with that....The energy I felt stays with me to this very day, it has been thirty-two years since that experience.

When I close my eyes I bring myself back to that moment in time and I know it was a miracle, it could not mean anything else for my life changed in a moment, feeling connected and knowing in my heart and soul, that we are not just our physical selves but, we are so much more.

We are loved. Loved without conditions or limitations. We are so much more.

For years that knowing gave me great hope, trust and I knew we all could do more, forgive more. Remembering we are not limited to this consciousness but we could feel and experience so much more. I had already been practicing meditation but, that experience increased my desire to mediate when I could be still and expand my consciousness beyond the physical reality. We could hear our higher selves and we could hear the word of God. The Great "I AM" Presence, if we just allowed ourselves time and care for ourselves.

My desires to do more, to understand more, to seek more, grew from that moment in time. What is unexplainable is definitely something we all can and probably have experienced..The miracles that we received in our lives that offer us new and profound understanding of who we are. Know that we are loved. We are unconditionally loved, just as we are in this moment of time.

Blessings to all.

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