Mother Mary

In times of need, Mother Mary comes to me....the Beatles song. It is so however, when I am in distress and I feel overwhelmed, it is Mother Mary who comforts me. She is kind and compassionate. She fills my heart and soul with the love that she brings to all those who require unconditional love and comfort.

Mother Mary is strong and determined, knowing and focused on her mission to be there for us all. She came to me back in 1991 and has been so strong in my life. It is not about the religion, it is about unconditional love, prayer and belief. I know her in my heart and soul.

Years ago Mary guided me through automatic writing to create "In-Line Balancing" a beautiful healing modality. Years later, we made it into a meditation and recorded it.

It continues to sell to those who wish to align and heal their organs and bring healing and health to their organs. You would not think that would be something Mother Mary would guide us with, but, she knew that the energy would be the right frequency which would allow each one to tune into those aspects of the body where stuck and negative energy resides.

We focus on the chakras without knowing about the requirement of healing and renewing the organs. Filled with love and gentle words, the In-Line Balancing assist us to release, renew and balance our organs.

When we went to the recording studio to record the meditation, it was a studio where rock bands, heavy metal bands recorded. The young man who was there to record our mediation was patient and kind. When we listened to the recording at the studio, we heard these beautiful sounds, it sounded angelic. He smiled and told us he added those sounds to the music, it was just perfect and we were thrilled and he was happy to be apart of our first recording experience. I will always be grateful to him. His soul was filled with light.

This is how I know that we are guided and we have assistance in all aspects of our lives if we allow ourselves to receive in faith. To open our hearts and minds to the possibilities.

They are there, we are use to making the decisions, or having someone else make decisions for us. But, each of us has the empowered energy to create and manifest by allowing the Light of our guides, angels, beings, our high self to be present in our lives and to help us by accepting the possibilities. I had prayed to God for guidance and was very excited to make this recording. We were guided to this particular recording studio in Newburyport, Ma.

Sharing these moments in my life bring me joy, and I also help that when you read them, that you remember those moments in your life that you now there was help.

We need not do things by ourselves, we have those around us who are ready, willing and able to guide and assist us without interference.

Learning to open your heart to the possibilities will and does offer us exciting and wonderment in our lives. If you are one who just can't believe in the beings of light, and that our love ones are around us to help us, I say "why not" see for yourself.

Through perception and intention, belief, faith and gratitude many more doors will open for you. It is you who stand in your own way....let go and see..

My very saying in this world is "With God, All Things Are Possible...

My blessings and divine gratitude...

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