My Garden

Originally Written: September 28th, 2015 - By Oneesha

When I look at my garden I see the blossoms of beautiful colors and shapes and forms. I see that each blossom brings such beauty, love and peace. The exquisite garden brings me internal joy knowing that each beautiful blossom was created by God and Earth provides those of the earth realm to tend to them.

Each plant, flower and weed has an individual design and when brought together create a beautiful design of God’s love and essence. Some plants grow tall and tower over the others as if a guardian to protect them.

Some are tiny and hold a place where others just stop to see this tiny plant holding a place of empowerment and remind us all that no matter how tall or tiny, every creation of God holds light, color and beauty for us to witness and experience. Some plants go to sleep at night while others are awake and watch over one another. Some leave the garden before others and we have the opportunity to thank it for what beauty it gave to the whole garden. There are flowers and plants that love the sun and rain, and others who like the shade and dark and it all creates a garden full of individuality and growth.

There are times when we have to weed the garden from that which

brings a negative and sometimes destructive element into the beauty of the garden, we have to then remove those weeds and allow them to

grow wherever they will be accepted and there is always some place to be on God’s earth.

It takes time to pull the weeds and it can be exhausting at the end of the day, but, within the time and space of weeding one can experience thoughts, words and lessons with the hard work. Once it is done and I take another look at the garden it is once again beautiful as it takes time and care, love and gentleness to cultivate the individual beauty and form of each blossom.

There are times when there are those elements that steal the seeds and take them elsewhere because they can not grow on their own. The weeds my find out that the seeds they stole were not theirs to steal at all.

Sometimes the winds bring back the seeds to be planted once again and to join the garden bringing their form, their color and their fragrance as well beauty back and and when I look at the garden I know they are in full bloom because God created each and everyone to be the most divine aspect of Being for God’s delight and joy.

Being a caregiver of God’s garden teaches as many lessons and out of each of those lessons, we receive the blessings of God’s Knowledge, Wisdom, Grace and Mercy. I am thankful that I have been given the joy to cultivate a magnificent garden on God’s beautiful planet we call Earth.


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